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CODIGOTM is an easy-to-use programming interface that is designed to teach fundamental programming logic to children of age 5 to 12. We insist on entertaining our children with tablets and smart phones, but we forget that children learn more effectively through physical play. CODIGO will make Programming magical for the younger ones! That's our promise.

Age group: 5 -12 years

Price: Rs. 5499/-

Take the Challenge


The idea behind CODIGO is that programming should be treated as fundamental as Mathematics and Science. Here’s the reason WHY Children play with computing concepts by building a sequence of instructions using various colorful instruction blocks on the brain to move Roby - around. Roby executes in sequence the instructions placed on the board. There's not a single solution or path to follow, it's also interesting to see how different children come up with different solutions.

How Does CODIGO Work


Whether or not your child grows up to be the next Zuckerberg, programming is a highly useful skill for him or her to learn.

Building Confidence


Supplementing Academics

Eye for Discovery

Concepts Learnt


Building Logic


Basic Programming Skills

A closer look at the CODIGO

The Brain

Brain can create different kinds of algorithms on top of it which leads of formation of different sequences. There is also an option to Debug the sequence for errors.

Code Blocks

Forward, Left, Right and Function blocks are a part of CODIGO. Roby has to be given directions by placing these Code Blocks on the brain in the right sequence.

The Roby

A cute mascot robot comes accompanied with the Brain. This smiling robot works on the basis of the sequence you set on Brain using the instruction blocks.


An Arena, Hut and fences are the accessories that come along with CODIGO which can be used to set various problem statements for kids to learn playfully on the Arena.

Play Manual

CODIGO comes with a well illustrated book that contains various problem statements for you to prepare for your little one to solve, play and learn.