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Robotronics FULL (E Series)

Avishkaar Box Robotronics LITE E Series box image
Age Group:

12 years & above

India's most advanced Programming Kit

  • ₹ 8500 /-

E-Series FULL Kit is India’s most popular DIY kit based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts of learning. FULL kit contains, Micro-controller based & WiFi enabled and fully programmable E-Series FULL Brain, and Avishkaar Robotronics Design system that includes components in, Assembly, Movement and tools category for building a multitude of robotic mechanisms. The whole design system is build to create innovators of tomorrow. The E-Series FULL Brain has 4 built in Motor ports, 5 Sensor Ports and one wired remote port. All ports are Avishkaar Robotronics design system enabled (6-Pin, RJ11) for ease of connectivity. Sensor and Motors can be programmed using an intuitive block based programming software (Robo G3.0), available free on www.avishkaarbox.com/Downloads.
Kit can be enhanced with additional movement and assembly kits that are sold separately. Also, this kit can be upgraded to a Social Robots series with our SR Upgrade bundle.
For more Product options visit us at: https://avishkaarbox.com/products.

Skills Learnt

  • Programming
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Problem Solving
  • Resourcefullness
  • Critical Thinking


Avishkaar Box Robo G 3.0
Robo G 3.0 is a cross-platform GUI programming software to program all E-series and SR Series range of product

Phone Application

It is a remote control application for your robots powered by SR Brain and E-Series Brain.


Avishkaar Box - Basic Programming using Robo G (FULL Manual)
This manual teaches how to program the Robots made out of the FULL box.
Avishkaar Box - Advanced Programming using Robo G (FULL Manual)
This manual teaches advance programming constructs.