The Avishkaar Makeathon is a celebration of science and technology where ambitious people/students can be at the forefront of the innovation and can be inspired to explore their passions and showcase their dream ideas.

It is a competition where young innovators are invited to learn from their past experiences, execute ideation in the present and thrive future endeavors.

Through the Avishkaar Makeathon, we want to enable the young Makers of India to come up with new innovative ideas that solves real world problems. Although any school team can participate in this competition, we want to especially invite schools with Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) to come forward - as they already have access to all the tools and resources required for innovation.


Adding a spin to the classical interpretation of the Avishkaar Makeathon, the fundamental themes are:
Smart City

Smart City

Helping the Disabled

Helping the Disabled

Power and energy

Power and Energy Optimization



Environmental Issues

Environmental issues

Masterslave Robots

Master-Slave control of Teleoperated Robots



If selected for 3rd round
  • Get ready to showcase your solution to the world (in the Avishkaar Makeathon National Finale)
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Last date to submit your entry in Prototype Round is 15th November 2018



The top 75 teams will get the opportunity to present their innovations in National finale of Avishkaar Makeathon in Delhi


Top 100 innovators will get merit certificates


The overall winners of Avishkaar Makeathon will get International Sponsor trip


Top 3 teams in each category will get support for patenting their idea (if original)



1. What is Avishkaar Makeathon?

Avishkaar Makeathon is a one of its kind competition which aims to promote MAKING in our country. It is a celebration of science and technology where ambitious people can explore their passions and showcase their dream ideas to the world

2. What is the structure of Avishkaar Makeathon as a competition?

Avishkaar Makeathon happens in 3 stages:
  1. Ideate: Online submission of the document
  2. Prototyping: Online submission of the prototype video
  3. Showcase: 2 days exhibition in Delhi

3. Can I participate in any level of Avishkaar Makeathon?

You can participate in the level of the Avishkaar Makeathon based on your grade. You cannot participate in the lower grade group, however, you can always participate in the higher grade group. In other words, the Avishkaar Makeathon is upward compatible. Here is the eligibility criteria:

Junior Level: upto grade 7
Middle Level: upto grade 9
Senior Level: upto grade 12

4. Is there any criteria to participate in Avishkaar Makeathon?

In Avishkaar Makeathon, you need to ensure that all participants in a team should match the grade criteria for each level and should belong to one school. Also, your team will be an official representation of the school.

5. What all material/Kits are allowed in Avishkaar Makeathon?

You can use any kits or waste material to create your prototype/Innovation. There is no limitation on any kind of material.
Note: Be cautious about the safety measures.

6. How many members can be there in a team?

Minimum: 1; Maximum: 4

7. How does one qualify for Nationals?

Participate in all the 3 rounds of Avishkaar Makeathon in a sequence, secure a rank in top 75 teams to participate in Nationals i.e Showcase stage.

8. Can I participate from more than one team?

No, you cannot.